India Entry

Several companies with global footprint are currently considering de-risking manufacturing operations by adopting a 'China+1 Strategy' and are in the process of establishing a facility in India. As a destination, India is really attractive in terms of availability of domestic demand, availability of technical manpower at lower cost and encouragement from Government for foreign investments. In addition to India providing a lucrative local market, it offers a very good base for global supply source. CAMS consulting can help you in your journey in this expansion into the growing India market by supporting in the following broad areas:

Phase 1 Preparatory Phase -Initial feasibility study for Business case preparation consisting of Market study, Cost structure Evaluation – Manufacturing Facility, Production Equipment, Raw Materials and Manpower, Operational Costs, Developing the Entry Strategy, Identifying local partner for JV where mandated.

Phase 2 Roll out Phase - Setting up Operations- Project Management, Regulatory and other clearances, permits and approvals, registering the company, establishing banking facility etc, assisting in leasing out/ buying of manufacturing facility, sourcing of production equipment, entering into frame work agreement with local suppliers of raw materials etc and Hiring of Leadership Team both White collar and Blue Collar employees

Phase 3 Operational Phase - Product Roll Out and Ramp Up - Assistance in, Setting up systems, Overseeing interests of the Parent Company in their Indian Subsidiaries for an agreed period

The three phase approach as detailed above will help you to evaluate the market and understand, growth potential, competition landscape and manufacturing ecosystem, before you take an investment decision.

We help you formulate a clear India market strategy and provide you an array of services as your India market development strategy consultants.

Feasibility Study


Regulatory Clearances


India Centric Market Startegy

India Centric
Market Startegy

Leadership Hiring

Hiring of

Local Operation

Setting up
Local Operations

JV Agreement

Local Partners and JV Agreement

Overseeing Interest in the Indian subsidiary

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